What is a school facility?
A school facility is an asset that is typically used for school events, but available for use by the local community and outside organizations. Examples are cafeteria, gym, library, meeting rooms, sports fields, and stage.

What facilities are available at the school for use by the local community or outside organizations?

How do you get more information or reserve a school facility?
Contact the following person:
Kathrine Campono, kathrine.campono@sau24.org

Download this file (Hold Harmless Clause Statement and Agreement Form.pdf)Hold Harmless Clause Statement and Agreement Form.pdf[ ]61 kB2015-08-20 18:19
Download this file (Non-School Facilities Use Form.pdf)Non-School Facilities Use Form.pdf[ ]82 kB2015-08-20 18:20

Notice to Parents:

If you need to email any information to the office concerning your child, instead of emailing an individual secretary please email to this address:
This will assure that your message will reach more than one person in our office in case someone is absent. Thank you.   

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