The PowerSchool Parent Portal is designed to be self-guided, intuitive, and easy to use. If you need help there are three options available - Online Help, Documentation, and Help Desk.

Online Help
On the upper right-hand corner of the PowerSchool Parent Portal screen you will see:
Welcome, <name> | Help | Sign Out
Simply click on HELP to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal online help.

Help Desk
For assistance with accessing the PowerSchool Parent Portal please contact the school's main office at 603-428-3476.  Please understand that we cannot send any login information via email.

Click here for documentation.

Notice to Parents:

If you need to email any information to the office concerning your child, instead of emailing an individual secretary please email to this address:
This will assure that your message will reach more than one person in our office in case someone is absent. Thank you.   

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