Assembly Complete

It's 10am and our equipment build is complete!  The playground remains closed.


On Monday, concrete will be poured into the footings of the main structure and the climbing wall and a concrete curb installed along the pavement edge.  The ground will have a final grade to prepare for the wood chip playground surface which will be installed on Tuesday.  Regulations require 9-12 inches of impact absorbing material in the designated fall zones of each piece of equipment before it can be used.


Callum and Addison Decew help Assistant Principal Matthew Colby mark the playground as closed at the end of the work today "even though we really want to play."


Assembled main structure (ages 5-12)


Assembled upper play structure (ages 3-7) with a base layer or recycled playground chips.

Notice to Parents:

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This will assure that your message will reach more than one person in our office in case someone is absent. Thank you.   

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